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There are simply two brands of recruiters; those who move resumes and handle paperwork and those who partner with the client, who know the business, who hire to the culture of the company and who have an impact on retention and diversity. Above all we are experts in how to FIND. ATTRACT, CLOSE, and RETAIN the talent that will prove to be crucial to the growth and success of your business.

Services Offered by ISG Recruiters
Your high-level sales, marketing and business development executives are the basis of your organization’s success. Don’t leave the critically important and increasingly technical tasks of finding, recruiting, and negotiating employment packages with top individuals to anyone but the experts at ISG Recruiters.

ISG Recruiters Offers a Better Alternative to Traditional Staffing
We begin by doing our homework - becoming thoroughly knowledgeable about your company or organization and the specific positions you need to fill. We work hard to understand your corporate culture, environment, philosophy, people, and everything else that will help us assist you in determining which candidates are a good match with your company.

Only then do we begin our search for qualified, skilled professionals with the right expertise and experience – individuals capable of stepping into the positions and becoming immediate assets to your organization. We zero in on people who are currently and successfully employed in your industry, and who fit well within your organization.

We use search methods and skills that we’ve developed through years of professional recruiting. Our searches are nationally based, unless the organization specifies a particular geographical range.

Once the right people are found, recruiting begins. We get to know these candidates thoroughly, finding out what they want and need, what motivates them, and what it will take to persuade them to leave their current positions and accept new employment opportunities. We design and create detailed presentations to introduce your company to them, making the benefits and value of the employment opportunities you are offering clear and motivating.

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